Friday, September 4, 2009

Is that someones MOM?! (UPDATED)

I wanted to make a quick post today. It's only 6 PM but I'm about to head to take a little siesta. Shawn has an artist in town and is playing the role of "music mogul" and we have a fundraiser to go to with some athletes and other music people and then we are headed to a club....Me at a club?! ZIONKS!

I'm squeezing myself into a dress very similar to this. My dress is in black, but I can't find a picture of it online.

Squeezing is actually the wrong word, because I am proud to say I'm fitting into it really comfortably but very nervous about wearing something so form fitting, I mean I'm a mommy! But the dress is so MILF, which I don't consider myself to be.

Anyway so I have three post I want to write about, a monstrous mushroom poop (yuck! sorry), my new home decor website obsession, and my ideas for my fall style. Hopefully I'll get to that this weekend.

I also thought today I haven't posted in awhile about all the things the Phoenix baby can do:

Say Bye-Bye, hi, ouch, uh-oh, Daddy, Mommy, Yaya, Bop (for Papouli), I eat, up, ball, Ah-Ah (for no), rock and what.

He can sign "all done"

He can throw a ball at someone or something which I'm pretty happy about because according to Baby Center he shouldn't be able to until like 18 months

He dances and sings. Shawn wants to add he sings on pitch too.

He can play the drums (and on time too)

He can go up and down the stairs

He tells us when he wants to be changed

He uses a broom correctly

He can change the batteries in the remote. Seriously not a lie. And if I take the batteries out he gets pissed.

He has grown attached to his lovey Curious George and when I say "Go get George"he does

He gives kisses and hugs

He points at everything!

And he is full on all the time walking.


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