Saturday, January 24, 2009

Semi Sleep Success

For the past 3 months we have been struggling getting Phoenix to not just sleep through the night, but sleep period! When he was first born he was up every 2-2 1.5 hours to eat and sometimes would sleep six hours straight. Then at about 2 1.5 months he was sleeping through the night. A month later that all stopped and we would be getting up with him every hour some nights. It got to a point where we would just bring him in bed with us because it was much easier. I read The Baby Whisperer book on sleeping, tried her tactics and nothing worked. We started being more consistent with solid foods hoping that would help and NOTHING. Finally about 3 weeks ago he had a sleep over at his Yaya and Papouli's house and he slept all night. We figured out the problem was he just needed to be really really really full at night. So we started a new night time routine with eating almost every hour before bedtime and we Ferberized him.
After about 2 nights it worked. He would wake up once a night and cry for about 5 minutes and would go back to sleep. Sleep was now something I knew.

Then this week Shawn and I got sick, and Phoenix got sick and he started rolling over to his stomach. So of course when he would wake up he was annoyed because he couldn't get back on his back and he sounded so sad and congested we would just let him get back in bed with us. Bad idea. I've learned if you teach a baby a new habit the one time you break it, they break. So this past week we have been doing the same thing getting up every hour with him. But last night was semi-success. He went down at 9 P.M. and woke up almost every hour. Finally after we finished watching Lost (hello how amazing was it?!) at 11:45 I went to him and I put him back down and attempted to Ferberize him again. I laid him down, left out, came back in after 5 minutes talked to him, left out after about a minute, came back in after 10 minutes talked to him and then 2 minutes after I left out he fell back asleep and slept until 8 A.M.!

Tonight we are going to try and put him down a wake. Phoenix needs props to sleep. So when it's time to go down we swaddle, rock, put a blanket half over him like we're nursing him. But we can't put him down until he's been asleep for over an hour or else we'll wake him up. We also want to try and stop swaddling him because he moves around at night to much. It's quite elaborate.

I'm hoping that tonight he will take well to going down without being fully asleep. It is very hard having to hear him cry, but I really believe that he has needs to do it so he can learn how to self-soothe.

Also as an aside my little sister and her husband are expecting! I am so excited! The baby is due at the end of September!

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