Saturday, February 7, 2009

Kaiser Permanente

A new addition arrived at our house today...Her name is Kaiser Campbell (although I will call her Kaiser Permanente. Just like the insurance company. Coooool name) and she's 12 weeks old. We named her that before we knew she was going to be a girl. She's a yellow lab/golden retriever/and something else mix. Just like us so we knew she'd be perfect! As cute as she is she's a little timid. She got here this afternoon and hasn't barked the whole time! And she won't come near anyone really and won't walk. It's the strangest thing. She just curls under the kitchen table and lays down. I took Kaiser and Phoenix to the park with my mom and little sisters and brothers and their dog Copper (a beagle) and Copper and Kaiser hit it off right from the start. In fact Copper acted as if he was an inmate just released from prison and hadn't seen a girl in 20 years! There was even another little dog that was sniffing around Copper and Kaiser kind of raised up at the other dog and then put her paw around Coppers neck! I think we've determined that she must miss her family desperately and found comfort around Copper. There also seems to be a sly chance that maybe her breeders weren't that nice because when you try and rub her she ducks like she think's she's being hit. I hope that wasn't the case. But hopefully she'll come out of her shell soon!

Also today was my first weigh in with Weight Watchers and I was really discouraged because I didn't think that I did that well. I started Monday instead of Saturday and two nights we ordered out. But surprisingly I lost 2.4 pounds! I was so excited and motivated to really stay on track and even add in exercise at this rate those cute Juicy bathings suit's I've seen at Nordstroms won't be so far off!

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