Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pedigree for Babies now too?

If you've ever wondered how dog food taste, wonder no more. Just ask my 8 month old. That's right, my resident explorer decided to be the taste tester and enjoy a meal with Charlotte yesterday afternoon. Phoenix plays very well by himself and actually seems to prefer being by himself. He's an oh so cool loner. So most of the day he just crawls around exploring (or destroying) the house. So yesterday's he's crawling around and I hear him go into the kitchen, I start walking towards him and see him head straight for the dog food. I tell him to stop he turns around, looks at me and keeps going. I scoop him up and we go about our day. About 20 minutes later I hear Charlotte chomping on her food, and I say to myself 'Let me go make sure Phoenix isn't eating with her".....Sure enough there Phoenix is, sitting on his knees, food in both hands and food in his mouth! I screamed "No!!!" and he just looked at me, I scooped him up pulled the food out of his mouth and of course he cried. I called my mom to make sure he didn't need to have his stomach pumped and tried to wash the taste (and smell) out of his mouth with juice and Gerber Puffs! Of course after I realized he was fine I realized I should've taken a picture because he looked so cute! This morning while getting his breakfast ready he tried to scoot over there again....

Yesterday also marked the day he started tearing up the steps. So you know what I'm ordering today right? He got to step 5 before I took him down because he was waving and smiling and he was making me nervous. I was really impressed though because he just crawled right up, no hesitation, no fear. Nothing. This week he's also been able to get himself back down to the floor without falling when he's holding onto the furniture.

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