Tuesday, April 14, 2009

You're a wild one Mr. Man

What is it with men and those ridiculous ultimate fighter shows? Shawn's making me watch it, so I decided to post instead...I guess its the same thing as my "thing" with those ridiculous NY, OC, ATL Housewives on Bravo.

Phoenix is constantly in everything. I haven't ordered his gate yet, not for any reason really. I forget about it probably. I have bought him 3 pairs of Robeez this week, but no gate for some reason. I think I'll actually go get it this weekend. So since I haven't gated off his playroom yet I've baby proofed the rest of the downstairs (for the most part) and just let him crawl around all day screaming "Ah! Ah! Ah!". He is fascinated with the weirdest things. The little paint sample's for his room (which will hopefully be completed this weekend. It's all painted just waiting for the mural to be done) he carries around all day. He loves the empty boxes that are still sitting in our kitchen (are you seeing a theme here? We're procrastinators) and this week I've started packing up his too small clothes and he keeps pulling them out of the boxes and dragging them around. But yesterday was the weirdest thing. I was working and he was crawling around and I hear him near his baby chair. Then all of a sudden it gets really quiet....I peak around the arm of the sofa and this is what I see.....

He has some how managed to crawl into the basket on the bottom of his chair! I don't know where he thought he was going or what he was trying to do but I couldn't stop laughing. All the while he is still holding on to his little Asparagus Green paint card.

Did you see this week's edition of Silent Sunday?

He crawled into that's basket all on his own! He's only 8 months old and I already know that I'm in for it! I often find myself giving side glances to those moms with the like 4 year old being pushed around in a stroller as his feet dangle over and drag on the ground and I'm like "What the H?" but then I'm like "Who am I kidding? That'll be me!" I can hear me screaming "Phoenix no! That's glass! Stop it! No! Come back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" This kid is going to be wild! I knew he was even in utero (I love that word) but then for those first few weeks he was so zen that Shawn and I thought that's what he was gonna be...yeah. Nope! But I love it! He has so much energy and testosterone all ready. Even in his sleep he's wild and crazy. He grunts himself to sleep. He just oozes boy! I think having a little boy like Phoenix is going to be very fun.

I'm sure all of you are waiting with bated breath to hear how my cake turned out....Yeah not so great. I ended up adding three times the amount of cream cheese hoping it would stiffen and not adding three times the amount of the other ingredients because I didn't have enough. I've heard that baking is an exact science and all the measurements have to be correct. So all though it was semi good, it was not what I wanted. I'm reluctant to post pictures because the cake was lopsided and the creme/icing was runny. But I plan on trying again sometime this week. I will prevail!

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