Monday, May 4, 2009

Mike 'Phoenix' Tyson

I fear I may be one of those moms. You know the one. She's sitting in the restaurant trying to enjoy a meal with her family and talk with her husband and her child is screaming, banging on the table, crawling around all over his chair. The mom in the grocery store who has to keep taking stuff out of the cart, because her kids keep putting them in. The mom who is chasing her son through the Target, or bargaining with him to please get in the car. Or better yet the mom who is smacked in the face, kicked in the shin, or bitten by her lovely child while being watched by a crowd full of other moms. Yes, this will be me. A few weeks ago when going to get Phoenix's blood work for the GI (which still hasn't come back, what's up with that?) we are in the waiting room and he's bouncing up and down on my lap and he tries to go in my purse and I say no, and he smacks me in the face. There's like 5 people in the waiting room, so I kind of chuckle and say " No Phoenix, don't hit Momma". Well it didn't end there, ever since then whenever he doesn't get his way, we tell him no, we are slow with the food, he gets pissed! He's hitting and doing his shrill little screech. Banging on the high-chair. Just throwing out right tantrums...Geeze wonder where he got that from.
This is his mad face.

Of course I never want to be that mother who's kids are running all over top of her. That's not my style, so Shawn and I are trying to get this under control now, with firm "No's" and trying not to laugh or giggle when we say it, because he seriously looks so cute when he's mad. I can say that it's not fully working, but when we do say no (after several times) he will stop and just start talking angrily (you can totally hear in his voice that he's pissed). He is a very independent strong willed child. I fear we may be finding ourselves in for a world of trouble!

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