Monday, May 11, 2009

mothers day recap

happy belated mothers day to all the moms who read the blog! i was so lucky yesterday to be able to spend the day with my little baby bear, husband and my mom, grandma, sister, and the rest of my clan. i got a diamond bangle and diamond earring and i also got this but it takes 4 weeks to come in and i'm not entirely sure what phrase i want to put on it. phoenix also gave me one of those recordable cards, shawn said he worked with him all morning to get him to say mama but the closest i got was a couple ba ba and a few da's thrown in! but nevertheless it was soo sweet and after i opened it and gave him a big kiss he started grinning from ear to ear! it was so sweet! he is getting better with saying "ma" and "mama". "da" and "dada" are still the common words heard around hear but we're still practicing. he even has started to say "hi" and something close to "bye" as well. i love hearing him talk. i could listen for hours.

we've also "sorta" finished his room. the major mural and wall painting has been done for a few weeks now, but there are still a few things that need to be added to completely finish it, besides, my stupid camera broke last week so i need to get a new one.

saturday we went shopping and walked past a store that had the most disgusting baby gear. blog about that later.

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