Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ode to my Baby Daddy

Because it's Baby's Daddy Eve it is only fitting that I write a post about my favorite guy over the age of 11 months...My Baby Daddy. He's a great Baby Daddy, he always sends his support checks on time (well his parole officer makes him), when he's in the pen he writes letters to Phoenix, and when he comes over to pick Phoenix up he never brings his skanky hoes....Ok seriously now...

Shawn is a really, really terrific father. I know that some of you moms are probably sitting there thinking that you have the best baby daddy, but unless Shawn has been cloned, I hate to break it to you dolls, you don't. (It's my blog, I get to be biased). I always knew he would be a great Dad, but watching him with Phoenix always puts a smile on my face. I've blogged before about how Phoenix seems to prefer him to me and he does. Dada was his first words, he jumps out my arms when he walks through the door, and just this morning Shawn left out to go get milk and Phoenix crawled after him crying to go with him. Phoenix really loves his Daddy.

He wasn't like most new Dad's who get all scared or freaked out when the baby cried. He picked him up, he rocked him back and forth. He sings to him, he plays with him. He takes him down to the studio and lets him bang all over his equipment. When I would get up in the middle of the night to nurse he would wake up and sit with me just so I didn't have to be awake alone. Just this morning he got up much earlier then I did and went down and cleaned the house and had Phoenix while I got to sleep in. He's a really great Dad.

He has great instincts, still learning the best way to change a diaper, but he has the this Dad thing down to a T. Once long ago my guardian angel came to me and told me to write down everything I wanted in a husband and father, she said she couldn't promise anything but she would do her best......Many moons later here I am getting to wake up to the man I put down on that list. Phoenix got lucky when God put him here with Shawn. He's a magnificent father, husband, provider, and best friend.

Phoenix is a lucky lad to have a Dad like him! And I am a lucky lady and he makes me crazy!

Phoenix made this for his Daddy :-)

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  1. That is priceless! A perfect Father's Day gift! Thanks so much for sharing and link-in up to my I {heart} dad post!! :)


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