Monday, July 13, 2009

First plane ride

This week is looking to be pretty stressful, at least for the first few days. We fly out Friday to spend like 5 days in Atlanta. Shawn has business meetings and sessions in Atlanta with a new record company he just became a partner with. We are both SO excited about this opportunity. It came out of nowhere and it looks uber promising. When you go on business trips you should always take your brain/memory/secretary, which is why I am going and a cute accessory, which is why Phoenix is going. But seriously this is going to be Phoenix's first plane ride and I'm really excited about that, but also equally nervous. Flying is not always my favorite thing to do. Whenever I fly I'm always stressed out about losing my boarding pass or luggage or getting on the wrong flight. So add a baby and a stroller, car seat, carry on's, diaper bag, snacks, drinks, bottles and suitcase I am just really stressing that I am going to forget something or Phoenix is going to completely show his ass on the plane and make us look like frazzled parents. Ugh! Phoenix hates to be restrained under any circumstances. Diaper changes, getting dressed, feeding, car rides, stroller rides, teeth brushing, is all a challenge because he doesn't want to be still. I imagine he's going to want to crawling and now (officially!!!) walking all around the plane.

On top of getting ready for a trip, where I plan on just laying around the pool all day, not shopping like I did last time! Hey I gotta a awesome first birthday to get ready for. But I also have work to stay on top of so they don't bug the hell out of me while I'm gone and my sisters baby shower is the Saturday right when we get back so I feel a little stressed out at the moment but I'm going to remain calm, focus on my to-do list and let things just flow the way they plan on flowing.

We fly out Friday morning so if you think of us, pray we get either an empty plane so as not to annoy the other flyer's or a plane full of other first time parents with 11 month olds!

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