Monday, August 24, 2009

The Campbell Home Makeover

Shawn and I have only been together 3 years and have lived in FOUR different places!

The first place was an apartment and I hated it so much (he signed papers on it before I even saw it!) that I refused to turn it into "home". No pictures, no decor, NOTHING!

The second place was a townhouse we moved into 5 months before Phoenix was born and moved out 2 months AFTER he was born! This place also never felt like home and by the time I started to get comfortable I started itching for something new and itching to be closer to my

The third place was my favorite. It was a single family home that had a huge backyard, hardwood floors, deck, garage, 4 floors. I liked it. I didn't looove it (the outside was kind of odd) but I was comfortable enough that I knew I could make it home for awhile. Plus our community was across the street from a Target, Barnes & Nobles and Old Navy! Mecca! And only 5 minutes away from my family.

But then I get the word my parents were moving an hour away and I started getting sad. I started looking and when I saw what I could get for our money where we are now I knew it made sense. So we gave our landlord a story and packed up!

And here we are now. I pretty much love our house and neighborhood. The only things I don't like is that we don't have a deck and our backyard is small. But it was built in 05 or 06 so it's very new looking, my kitchen is huge,my bathroom has double sinks, jacuzzi tub, I have a walk in closet, full basement,fire place and 4 bedrooms....I think that we have found home for at least 2 more years (maybe. What can I say?I like new things and get bored easily)

Now the only thing to do is turn in to HOME. I read Nesting Place for inspiration and this girl is AMAZING! I also settled on what I what my home to say which is, Shabby,Vintage,Chic (stop laughing Mom!). What I love about this is it's such an eclectic way to decorate a home AND to be completely authentic to the vintage side, it can be done cheaply!

I have all of these ideas about scouring Craigslist, antique stores and even flea markets (Yikes!). I'm thinking old looking pieces of furniture (minus the couch) that can be repainted. I'm thinking doors on walls and shutters. Mirrors and empty frames.

My first order of business is a new couch. I found one Saturday that I really like.

The colors are hard to see. It's striped with sage, pink, and different shades of browns and beige. The colors are lighter then they are showing. It's really comfy and perfect for curling up on and reading allllll day.

And then after that its a few scouting trips to Goodwill, antique stores and flea markets to finish!
On a whim I stopped at Goodwill yesterday and was shocked to see so many great finds (furniture wise).

Shawn found this great trunk which we are guessing is from WW2 era. Perfect for a coffee table
dontcha think?

I found this pitcher that I'll use as a vase, that accidentally matches perfectly with the sofa.

And my favorite piece was this random table thing. I'm thinking of repainting it white and stenciling it with the same words or something else?? And using it near my steps to display pictures.

My final order of business is to mistreat"my windows (blog on this later)

Is this going to be as great as I think or am I totally going to make my house look shabby and used instead of vintage and chic?

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