Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Boogie Wipes

Warning: This post is going to have you looking at me like I'm some gross weirdo. But so be it...

I'm a groomer at heart. I'm picker. I like to pick pimples, and scabs, I like to clean ears, and clean out noses (with tissues! but let's face with a one year old it's sometimes easier to just use your little pinky and purrell your hands after the fact), I beg my husband several times a day to let me clip his toenails or pop pimples. I'm gross, I know. And now, I am ashamed....

Now that I'm a mom it's like I was blessed with my own personal grooming doll. But Phoenix is like my husband. He HATES it. But I can not just let him be a dirt and booger magnet, no matter how much of a boy he is!

Whenever he has teeth coming in the few weeks leading up to that momentous occasions and a few days after he is a runny and crusty nose boy.

This make for a pain in the butt mom (who wants someone coming to them every 3 minutes with a nasal aspirator and tissue?) and a cranky pissed off baby (and sometimes pissed off husband, he hates that I groom Phoenix this way as well).

I don't know how to get rid of the snot,boogers and crust without having to physically hold him down...

But I came across Boogie Wipes today and I'm headed out to Walmart, Safeway and Walgreens to check them out.

So moms, do these work or am I going to watse an afternoon looking for them and $4?



  1. I think they are the same as regular wipes??!!??!!

  2. They say they have some kind of nasal medicine in them or something. I'm also looking for something to help clear his nose as well because I freak myself out with the saline drops so I don't think he'll like it.


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