Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A feather skirt for me & you

I just got done reading my craft blogs and was pointed to my now new favorite, I'm going to stalk it obsessively blog. ...I love Maegan.

I was summoned to her website because of this amazing, amazing, amazing feather skirt!

I LOVE IT! No love is a serious understatement. I am in high lust. Pulse beating fast, butterflies in the tummy. I thought this was the one until I stumbled upon this.

And now I am addicted. 

So of course you know what I just got done Googling right? Yup. Army surplus stores because I need, need, need this jumpsuit!

Fashion has always been my heart. I have all of these ideas for clothes in my closet. But I'll admit it. I get scared.

But then I see her blog and I'm thinking. "Why not?!" 

I'm still young (22 as of yesterday. Happy Birthday to Me) and so what if I'm a mom (because yeah being a Mom sometimes has me second guessing some more "adventurous" costume {because aren't we all just playing a part anyhow?} choices) I better do this now while I'm still young and while my KIDS are still YOUNG before I start embarrassing my kids.

I'm not totally sure on what the policy is of reposting others pictures. So click on her blog to see these awesome outfits!

So I'm totally (I'm 22 "totally" is like, still, totally in my vocab) making this skirt.

I have no idea where I'm wearing it yet. But I am going to make that husband of mine take me some place.

Hmm....maybe I can have it done in time for the EMI Christmas party???

P.S. And OMG how about THESE?! Doing these too. Oh this is gonna be GREAT


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