Friday, October 23, 2009

Nursing as a favorite

As I was falling into sleep world last night I began to think about a twitter update (do you follow me on Twitter? If you don't, you should) I did this week about remembering how much I love nursing.

My mind then began to wander into another world. 

-Don't you love how I give the background on how I come up with my post?-

Thinking about my favorite things the first year being a new mommy.

Not the standard magical beautiful answers. But stuff like. Did I enjoy having my own personal living breathing person to play dress up with all day? Yeah I did. 

But my two favorite things about being a new mommy was nursing and all of the excuses to sleep!

1. Nursing- I thoroughly enjoyed nursing Phoenix. After the first two months of literally wanting to punch a cat (sorry animal lovers) when he would latch on, nursing was blissful. I never had any type of breast infection. Phoenix never had thrush. I never had thrush. He never got sick.

Yeah the bras sucked balls. The were the ugliest things ever, but nursing made me feel like "Super Mom" I enjoyed also having a handy excuse to duck out of some place early or show up late.I enjoyed that my only job was to sit on the couch watch All My Children and nurse.

I learned how to do laundry while nursing, cook, brush my teeth, eat (sometimes crumbs would fall on his head so I had to throw a nursing cover over him), go to the bathroom, and sleep all while nursing.

I also enjoyed how attentive my husband was while I was nursing. Bringing me water, putting my hair in a ponytail, cutting my food and feeding me.

I had every intention to nurse Phoenix until he was at least a year old. But begrudgingly we stopped. 

Phoenix weaned himself around 8 months old. We had started solids at this point and because of his slow weight gain we were also on 2 bottles a day.

I tried and tried to keep him going but I new in my heart he wasn't having it. 

Sometimes I really regret not continuing, but self-weaned baby is better then having to force a baby to do something they aren't ready to.

This post is getting a lot longer then I like to keep them so we'll save the sleeping post for another day!

While I was looking through the photo folders for some pictures of us nursing (which kind of makes me sad because it seems I don't have any) I came across these and thought he looked so adorable I outta share.





  1. I too loved nursing my babies. I never had any problems, except like you said in the begining. With my second, I forget how it was in the begining- ouch! I nursed my son till he was 2 ( I know, it may be too old for some) and am still nursing at night with my 21 month old. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Cute pictures! Sorry to hear you had to stop nursing sooner than you thought, but I'm glad you enjoyed it as much as you did.

  3. I loved nursing too. My uoungest is 4 and I weaned her at 20 month sand I still miss it!!! Thanks for sharing. It will always be a beautiful memory.

  4. Stopped by yesterday, but can't resist today also :) Sweet post - yes! It's the best . . .


  5. That is quite the cutie you have. I loved nursing too. It was the most depressing thing for me ever when I was unable to nurse my second


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