Monday, October 5, 2009

Scratching the baby itch

My beautiful niece made her arrival on Thursday. Being in the delivery room, and helping my sister nurse, and hearing Penny's tiny little cries sent me back to 14 months ago when my own terror on two legs was just a tiny little boy.

Since I've had Phoenix I have had two minor pregnancy scares. Once I had Phoenix I have literally gone back and forth on the option of having another baby. 

I'm the oldest of 8 kids ranging in ages from 22 to 8. I've been around kids my whole life and when I was younger I resented being from an older family.

But when my family packed up and we moved to Maryland when I was 17 my family was all I had. When you've already graduated high school it's hard to find friends. So my sisters, brothers, and I developed a very close relationship.

Combine that with not enjoying being away from home when I was 15 at Bible College and my urge to have tons of kids started to hit me. A number somewhere between 4 & 6 sounded pretty good to me.

But then my lovable, snugly, cooperative infant turned into a spirited (this is Tracey Hogg's description of him) wild energetic, fiesty, spicy, toddler.

I can barely manage to make a 20 minute trip to the grocery store with Phoenix before he's throwing his paci because he's mad at me or trying to lick the tops of the cans!

So I knew that at least until Phoenix was calm or three which ever came first, and at this point it both seems so far off, that more babies are out of the question!

And at times I also feel like we are complete family. When I envision our future I'm not always sure I see other little ones running around.

But when I walked into the L&D room Thursday afternoon I was hit with that feeling of excitement I had when I was rolled into L&D exactly 14 months and a day before! And then when the stunning Ms. Penelope made her debut and I got to snuggle with her and smell that new baby smell! I was enthralled!

And I walked out of the hospital wanting to make the first appointment I could with my Gyno to have my safety friend removed and get knocked up STAT!

But then Phoenix screamed and hit me and I was jutted back into reality.

But still over the past few days I've been able to spend with Penny that desire keeps coming back.

So those of you with more then one, what made you decide it was time to try again?

And those of you who have only one what made you decide one was it and do you ever get the desire to have more?


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