Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Santa's Snazzy Red Bag- Day 9

Decor (and Man Cave stuff)

My greatest desire is to turn my ho-hum, storage room, bedroom into in actual sanctuary for me and my hubby. Sparing all the gory details, but my bedroom is used to sleep in and house over-flowing laundry baskets (Am I the only one who lets folded laundry sit for days without putting away? I hate that part)

After the holidays I'm seriously getting started on my room makeover. 

First on the list is a new comforter set. I love this set from Target by Dwell Studios ($59.99-$69.99). Why not get yourself some new bedding for Christmas?

Frames are another great holiday gifts. I like these Gallery Frames ($34-$129) from Pottery Barn. Pick these up for your mom and give her a bonus gifts and fill them with a great picture of your kiddos!

Does anyone Woot? Back over the summer Woot had these huge Transformer stickers for $20. I immediately ordered them because I knew my husband would love these for his studio/man cave. But for some strange reason my order never went through and I waited around for those suckers for like 3 weeks!

I think your Transformer obsessed husband would love these giant wall stickers ($22.49 <--- odd price) for his space. But I also think any boy would love these as well!

Let's imagine for a minute that your husband actually keeps books in his man cave. And if he does, let's imagine he keeps them neat and straight. (Mine actually does have tons of books {all music of course} but they are far from neat & straight)

These Manhattan Chair Bookend's($39) from Pottery Barn would be great for his room or office. If not the husband, how about for your Dad? 

How about this beautiful cable knit throw ($79) also from Pottery Barn. Throw in a bottle of Moscato and these lovely monogrammed candles and maybe a "coupon" for free {overnight} babysitting and you've got a great gift for your brother & his wife.


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