Monday, January 4, 2010

My aspirations for '10

I usually don't make new years resolutions who really keeps them right?

But I do like to make goals for myself which I guess is really just a simpler word then "resolutions".

So maybe just ignore the last two sentences huh?

Last year I didn't make any resolutions/goals but this year on a whim I decided to make some goals for me.
 They're realistic goals and I'd like to take you all on the journey of making that happen.

1. Be a better a mom- Not exasperate Phoenix
 I have a tendency to cause Phoenix to spazz out because I have such ridiculous standards. I make everything a big deal and I think that's what causes him to go nutso.  Normally if he has chocolate on him I'm chasing him all around and then pinning him down just to wipe a smudge of Hershey's from his lip. I've got to learn to pick my battles and let him be a toddler.

2. Be a better wife- Learn patience & Show him I love him everyday.
  I get exasperated with Shawn quickly and have zero patience for any tiny little mistake (have you picked up yet I may be just a tiny, tiny bit controlling?). And his complaint with me after I've yelled and yelled over a wet towel on the sofa is 'Babe. Chill. Be patience with me please!"

And in the beginning of our relationship I was super, super good about a card hidden here, a note tucked there. A favorite candy bar left on the car seat. Note on the bathroom mirror. But ya know what happened right? Phoenix and chores. And those things tend to fall off. Technically we're still newlyweds (married a year) but we've been together/living together for 3 years so I guess you tend to fall into a rut. But I refuse to let that happen.

3. Learn to sew & craft-
   This goal has been in the making forever. But I have such a huge, huge, desire to learn how to make all those cool things you see on all the craft sites.  I hope this is a ride that you guy will take with me. I'm super excited about this.  I've got two rooms I'm deciding between to be my craft room and I'm ready to rock and roll!

4. Go somewhere new-
 I'm not well traveled. Here's where I've been: almost everywhere in Virginia, Chicago, Indiana, Minnesota, Philly, New York and Florida. So like I said. Not well traveled. But I'd like to get to at least one new place this year. West Virginia is actually on my list because Southern Living magazine just did a nice little write up on them.

5. Make more friends-
This has been on my list for 5 years. The entire time of been here in Maryland. Something happen to me when I left bible school. I stopped being the completely outgoing social butterfly I used to be (being that tended to get me in tons of trouble in school. Like being banned from Olive Garden) And ever since I've kind of retreated into myself and my family. But this year I want to make friends for me and for Phoenix.

6. Be more organized-
I am a very well organized person when it comes to schedules and like list or stuff. But keeping my house organized is a daily struggle. It can be described as organized chaos. I really need to de-clutter and organize things better. This is a point I really want discover with you all. Maybe share with you some tips I'll pick up this year.

7. Grow my blog-
I'm a visionary.  So when I began my blog I did have big aspirations for. My goal this year is to hit 800 followers/subscribers. Can you help? Please subscribe/follow if you haven't already. That way you'll never miss any super good recipes or pictures. I also want to get better at posting consistently and posting better content.

8. Learn to trust God more-
I've been a Christian all my life. I actually don't like using that word because there are so many ugly character Christians I know (but thats another blog). But one thing I've always struggled with is putting 100% trust in God. I tend to rely more on facts and my own ability to do things. But I want to surrender all of that over.

9. Not procrastinate-
This is a big one! I put off stuff for weeks and weeks. I'll make list of things to do during the day and at the end of the day I will have done 2 things out of 12. I'll wash clothes on a Monday and fold and put them away 2 Mondays after. I use my staircase as a "closet" I'll walk around collecting things to go upstairs and sit them with full intention of carrying them up later and spend the next 4 days stepping over them.

10. Re-do my master bedroom-
I hate my bedroom. Its bland and boring. I want a romantic, serene, and  luxurious getaway for Shawn and I to escape to at night. I'm also debating between a TV in the room and no TV. I know people say no TV  because you're supposed to be in your bedroom to connect with your husband and it gets in the way of "other" things, but we have no issues in that area and love relaxing with each other while watching a good Dateline or Big Love (woohooo back Jan 10th!)

11. Paint my living room/Finish my living room-
See # 9 and you'll know why this needs to be on the list.

12. Quit my job-
I've ranted before about how much I hate my job and nothing has changed. It's not a good company to work for and they don't treat their employees very well. Once I close out all my files and get approvals I'm hoping to walk. Preferably by the Spring.

13. Take a regular fitness class-
I'm really interested in like a dance class or boxing class. My sister and I took a fun class a few years ago called "Clubbin' Cardio"  and it was a blast. Even though I can't dance to save my life I loved it!

14. Start writing again-
I keep a blog so obviously like to write. But I've always loved writing short stories. One of my lifetime goals is to get a book published. But the last few years that's kind of fallen off a bit and I'd like to get back in the swing of things. I' m thinking of "publishing" a short story on here for you all to read.

15.  Take more pictures. Frame them and put in albums-
I have over 2000 pictures but because I'm a procrastinator I never print them out! I have some beautiful family pictures we took November 2008 and only have ONE printed out!!!!!

So these are my goals for the year folks and I want to take you all on the ride with me.

Thanks again for reading and commenting! It makes my day when I see new comment emails and my readers numbers climb!ged my font at



  1. I had to laugh at your staircase...mine is the same. I have stuff on every step waiting for me to take it to it's final destination! Good luck with your aspirations...sounds like a busy year!

  2. 1. Snapfish is a good place to print out bulk loads of pics.
    2. we have a lot in common. I had the same first few resolutions to sew and craft more, be more patent with my son and husband, :) and we have even been traveling to the same places (virginia, chicago, maryland mostly. I go to pennsylvania alot too right outside of maryland.
    I JUST this year put some effort into my bedroom and I love it. I ofund a bedoorm set at a yard sale for 30$ kind of beaten up but matching and pretty. (never had one matching) got matching bedding and curtains) and sewed some valances.....then I put some art up on the wall using the pillowcases so it would match and it looks very nice and coordinated. Though for something very romantic, I used to have it where we had a homemade canopy using tool (like from a wedding veil.....and on the wall we had long twigs (purchased at micheals art store for 2$ with roses and its very natural and romatic looking) I just opted for soemting more modern looking this time. But if you are looking for something more bed and breakfast romatic looking, thats a good idea. Anyway I liek your blog. :)

  3. Christina- Thanks so much for the tips! I actually have plans to find some stuff on Craigslist (I heart them seriously!) to kind of destruct and makeover so it shouldn't cost much its just a matter of getting my lazy self moving!

  4. Picking battles is one of the hardest things for me as well. I am always trying to pin my children down for cleanings too

  5. I think you have some excellent solid goals to work on. good luck


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