Tuesday, February 9, 2010

More $!&%(#@ snow?!

Here in the DC area we are swimming in about 30 inches of snow (what we got in Frederick). There is more snow on the ground then I have ever thought possible. The last big storm we got I was so excited, but now I'm totally ready to pour huge buckets of steaming hot water to melt all of this white powder and move on with my life!

At this very moment yet another storm of this year is falling. Friday we went to the mountain, today we decided to stay home and get some packing done. March will be here before I know it!


Now what is it they say again about Global Warming?


  1. Oh my!! That IS a lot of snow! Yuck! Our snow is slowly melting but it is still stinking cold!! Great pics!!
    Came over from your discussion on MBC about "real blogs". Had to laugh. With so many great mommy blogs out there, I feel lucky anyone even looks at mine!!
    But you have a super cute blog!

  2. wow! Lots of snow! Following you from MBC hope you follow me back!


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