Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Potty Success Story #2 (but not that kind of #2)

I have potty success training story #2, #3 and #4 or I could just condese it and say potty training success DAY #3 with 3 seperate pee times. Ok but does it really matter?

Yesterday we got back on the wagon uh, I mean potty after taking the weekend off. Friday was our last day attempting and it was bad. Nothing came out and landed in the pot...it just landed everywhere else.

But yesterday morning I popped on up showered all early (which is a first for me) and started our day. By days end we had successfully elimanted in the potty three times!

My biggest failure was after the 2nd elmination I set the timer and when it dinged I didn't get up right away which promotly resulted in him pooping pretty much all over the playroom. Seriously it looked like he squatted on the playmat elminated got up moved a few inches squatted again, moved a few inches and did it again! It lead all the way to his kitchen area. It was like having a dog again!

But nevertheless I press on. At one time while I was baking my disaster of a cake he peed in the kitchen and then slipped in his own pee!

Later today look for the tips I got from my own Mom to make potty training success.


  1. I feel your pain. I am so ready for the potty training to be over with. It FINALLY dawned on me to set a timer the other day and things seem to be going better. Which is good for my sanity and nerves.

  2. Oh well he is sooooo cute. My son was all about potty training and then decided he just did not want to---so the way I figure as long as he is not in diapers on his first date we are good. Anyhow, I LOVE your blog. I am your newest follow and HUGE fan!


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