Friday, March 5, 2010

For a Cause

I wanted to turn your attention to a great organization called Mercy29.

Mercy29 is a non-profit organization that does work in Mozambique Africa and India. Currently they are in India working to rescue child workers from the mines and setting them up in Mercy29 homes.

The Mercy29 team (which included my brother) left on Monday for a 3 week trip.

Check out their video on YouTube of the last trip late last year and their website if your interested in giving.

When you hear the stories about these kids it will just break your heart. The parents in India sell the children as young as like 5 because they are so poor they can't even afford food. 

Please go visit and if the video pulls on your heartstrings (and I'm sure it will) they have a donation button on their website.

Mercy29 YouTube Video 

Mercy29 Websites

P.S. Also while at the airport saying good-bye to the team we saw Jon Gosselin (BWI airport) in line at airport security. The picture is pretty blurry, but it is him. I am not a Jon G. fan at all, but it was pretty cool to see him there.

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