Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Oh she must be...

Ever since I met my husband he has always told me that he can just look at a person and tell they're in the music business. I don't quite believe him because of course we never follow up and ask if they are in fact in the "business"

But I bet that if other moms looked at me they would be able to tell right away that I'm a mom. How would they be able to tell? Well of course by these tell-tale signs

  • A rogue lemon in my purse from a toddler who dropped it in for fun, along with the sweet and low packages we gave him at dinner to keep him "calm & serene"
  • The paci stuck in the strap of bra, because I don't like things in my pocket, and it will get lost in my purse so I stick it in the top part of my bra for "easy access"...boy that phrase takes on a new meaning now huh?
  • The broken cell phone I was still using. Luckily my husband upgraded me to Blackberry for Valentine Day, but before that I had been carrying the same cracked Instinct for 5 mths. Phoenix dropped it in the Post Office and I'm to lazy (and cheap) to replace it.
  • The messy hair. Most days its easier to tie it all up in a messy knot. 
  • The lack of earrings. I've given up wearing long dangle earrings because every time I do Phoenix rips at my ears and causes excruciating pain. 
  • The tummy flattening tank top I wear underneath everything
  • The play-doh stuck on the bottom of my shoe
  • The over-whelming amount of bags that accompany me. Purse, Diaper bag, lunch box, emergency diaper bag.
  • When I'm invited to a party instead of asking what I can bring I ask "Should I do a nap before or after the party?"
  • The stacks of books on my night-stand I can't seem to finish
  • The 15 minutes or more that I need to decide on the perfect low sugar, organic, juice boxes
  • The errands that turn into stolen "me time"


  1. I'm right there with you! When did grocery shopping become "me time" anyway? But I feel lucky when I don't have to drag the kids with me! :) And what other hairstyles are there aside from pony tails? :)

  2. Right on! I can so relate to the thousand and one bags and the stacks and stacks of books :)

  3. I can see my friends in so many of those... have a nice one!

  4. So funny! I recently noticed I have stopped asking what can I bring, which is pretty rude considering I am bringing 6 people. On the other hand, it is almost an Olympic Sport getting them all out of the house on time (forget clean and well-dressed)!

    Love the title of your blog!

  5. Amen to that. I truly relate to each point of yours. This is hilarious. I thought I was the only one who was a dead giveaway!

  6. A ponytail and headband seem to have become part of my anatomy these days. Find me an outfit to wear without drool stains, and I'll thank you for my new clothes...

  7. All of this is so true! Some days I look in the mirror and think "I can't believe I'm ACTUALLY walking out of the house like this" Its SOOO obvious that I'm a mom!!!


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