Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Embellished Shoulder Pads

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon my new favorite fashion DIY site P.S.-I made this and fell in love with these embellished shoulder pads.  

Now I'll admit that as much as I loved them my husband, sisters, brother-in-law, mom, brothers, and the dog all thought I was crazy.

But I really saw potential in it and wanted to go for it.

After $100 and 3 craft stores later this is what I ended up with.

So if you are brave enough to try this here's how you do it.


Shoulder pads- (The original DIY seems to use like big full pads, I used half pads)

Feathers - Peacock and Black is what I used.

Metallic Fabric Paint (I used Lumiere by Jacquard in Pearl Turquoise- and I LOVE this color.Any other ideas what I can use it for?)


Rosette Trim (optional) I had a very hard time finding anything similar in stores that the original had, so I bought wedding floral picks and had intended to cut off the stem and glue the base down. But I ended 
up not using them because they didn't look right.

Safety Pins

Glue Gun

Simple tee shirt- Walmart

This is a pretty simply DIY so I won't walk you through it. But here are the pictures of the steps.

The trickiest part was securing the shoulder pads. I initially wanted to velcro the pads to the shirt so they would be easier to remove to wash the shirt but they wouldn't stick right. So I used safety pins. This is a step you'll have to mess around with on your own to make it easiest and most comfortable for you.

I also didn't make them sit right on top of my shoulders for two reasons. 1. The pads weren't really flexible enough to sit on the shoulder and 2. I'm only 5 ft tall so I thought it might be to much on me.

So there you have the completed project. If you follow me on Twitter you saw that when I started the project I let all my naysers get in my ear and I wondered if it was fashion roadkill, but honestly I'm pretty surprised how they turned out and I love love love love them.

So how did I wear these you ask? I'll show you that tomorrow (Here's how I wore these) so make sure you come back.....patience makes the heart grow founder.

Any questions just let me know?

What do you think? Have any other cool fashion DIY (that don't require a sewing machine) I should try?


  1. I was sceptical when I started reading but they turned out really sharp! Good work.

  2. Joy Bennett WindhamApril 21, 2010 at 6:14 PM

    very cute Al! You are soooo talented! don't ever stop being creative :)

  3. I too was a bit skeptical but I think they turned out great. Thanks for linking up with Sugar & Spice.

  4. Ηіghly enеrgetic pοst, I likеd that а lot.
    Will theгe be a part 2?

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