Friday, April 30, 2010

Men are babies

Look I have a very serious question I need answered. What is it about men that when they get sick they act like big p-u-s-s-y-s (if I spell it instead of saying it its not that bad right?) 

Every time Shawn feels a sniffle, a headache or body ache he's all "Baby...I don't feel goooooooood" 

He's probably going to be pissed I'm putting all of his business out for the world to see, but that's what happens when you're married to a writer blogger.

Last night was one of those nights. Every minute I saw him all he could ask about was Therflu (which he completely overdoses on) and Tylenol. 

 I pushed an 8 pound baby out of the place I pee from. No drugs. 21 hours. Then after I recovered from being ripped into a million places I then put this beautiful boy onto my nipple and for the next 8 months it felt like someone was taking a lighter and running it across my nipples.

Not to mention 28 days out of a month my uterus falls out for 4-5 days, all to be able to bore him more babies.

So what it is it? Have you women out there figured out what makes our strong sexy husbands wither and whine when they have a sinus headache?

And on the off chance I have any male (oh my I actually typed that out as "mail".loser.) readers....what's the deal?

And honey. Even though I just put you out there I still love you much! OVOVOVOV ;-)

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  1. Men are coddled. Plain and simple. Mom cooks their food for them, she does their laundry for them, she picks up after them.. They are coddled! Their whole lives! My husband doesn't get whiney, he gets SURLY. I try and take care of him and he growls, "GO 'WAY DON'T TOUCH ME".

    Rawr, fine.


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