Monday, May 10, 2010

Weekend Recaptured.

I hope that all you mommy's out there felt appreciated by your Baby Daddy's and little people.

I certainly did. My Mother's Day was full of cute rompers, jumpers, jewelry, sweet, sweet, sweet cards and my new sewing machine!!!

I am over the moon excited about this fun new toy but I'm sure it will sit in the box until I get some courage to use it.

Are any of you out there sewers (or is it seamstress)? Do you have helpful beginner tips? Websites with video tutorials? And most importantly what other tools do I need to get started?

Shawn hopped on a plane again this morning at 6 AM (which required me to wake up at 4:00 AM! Next time. He's taking a cab) to go to LA for 10 days so Saturday we took Phoenix to see Oceanbecause of his love of all things fish & Nemo related. And he loved it. And so did I! Such a great, great movie, and incredible reminder of how AMAZING God is.  

But what I really wanted to tell you was that I spent 6 hours in the ER on Friday.

Starting a few days after Shawn got back from LA last month I started having really intense cramps. I wrote them off thinking that it was just normal reactions to the Mirena. Two weeks ago I started throwing up, which unless I'm knocked up, I never do. For the past two weeks I was just really sick to my stomach and had incredibly intense headaches.

For the past two weeks the symptoms came and went so I tried not to think much of it. Last Sunday after throwing up all weekend and having bad cramps I took a pregnancy test that of coursed popped up negative. 

But this past Friday the headache was so intense that I told my sister Savannah that if I passed out to call 911 and then Shawn. That's how bad I felt.

By 9 that evening after self diagnosing myself via WebMD and Grey's Anatomy episodes I determined that I must have either a brain aneurysm or an ectopic pregnancy. I woke Shawn up and we drove to the ER.

After being pumped with pain medicine and Zofran. A CAT scan and blood work it was determined that I only had acute sinusitis! How's that for a waste of time?

But after talking to the nurse practitioner we kind of determined that the Mirena has been making me feel bad the last several months and that my body has not had time to get back to normal hormonally. 

We had talked about taking the IUD out in September anyway, but recently after stumbling upon a lot of negative Mirena stories and my recent issues I thought about removing it early and getting on BC. But thank goodness I talked to the nurse because she said I definitely should not remove the IUD and then get on BC because that  would just further put my body in shock.

I think based on what I have learned Shawn and I are going to be having some heavy conversations in reference to timing. My mom and both the nurse think I should wait 6-9 months before I try and get pregnant again, which means I might need to put in a phone call to my moms midwife to ask about natural BC remedies. Because with my luck I'll have the IUD removed on a Tuesday morning and get knocked up in the evening.

Not that it would be a terribly bad thing, but the timing and pressure on my body, might not be so good.

Do I have any readers who have had bad Mirena experiences? Anyone who is on a natural birth control? The rhythm method doesn't seems to me to be as effective as "pull & pray" so I'd rather not try that. 

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  1. I found you through the D-List and am now a follower! I'm a condom girl myself, so I can't speak to the Mirena. But a friend of mine used some really hippy thing that took her tempurature every day. It let her know when she was ovulating and then would light up green if she was pregnant. And it was VERY accurate. A bit of a hassle, since she had to bring it with her when she traveled, but it worked for her. I don't know what it was called, but if you're interested you could probably google homeopathic birth control or something like that.

    By the way, your family is beautiful!


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