Friday, January 23, 2009

"Close but no cigar"

So yesterday was supposed to be our first day on our new schedule and of course who didn't wake up at 6 A.M.? My genius sleep deprived self set the alarm for 6 P.M. I rolled over at 7:30 and realized I had messed up Day One and rolled right back over and closed my eyes. Phoenix woke up at about 7:45 and for the rest of the morning we kind of did stay on schedule. The only thing was he ended up sleeping 2 1/2 hours for his morning nap and only 30 minutes for his afternoon nap. Although it was not a complete success yesterday I still felt like I had accomplished a lot. So today was to be Day Two...BUT (oh that BUT) Phoenix woke up several, several, SEVERAL times last night resulting in only about 3 hours of sleep for me. So this morning I just decided to cancel schedule day and we'll start on Monday.

This is the very reason I rejected the idea of starting a schedule because every time I think I can start one and really follow it Phoenix decides to do something totally different then what he normally does or I mess it up somehow by having a million plus errands to do or tada...sleeping late.

So I think we will try next week and see how that goes and if doesn't work then, at least I tried right? A for effort?

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