Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Schedule attempt number 5,789

For the past 2 and 1/2 months I have gone back and forth with getting Phoenix on a structured schedule. I even attempted sort of for a week when I read The Secrets of The Baby Whisperer, but Phoenix and I failed miserably! Part of me wanted to get him on a schedule because I knew it would be good for him and very helpful for me. But every time I would think "This is the day!" Something would come up and everything would be thrown off. For the most part Phoenix has a "natural" schedule but it's still touch and go with him. So today after wanting to cry as I looked around at the 4 laundry baskets that needed to be put away, the pile of dishes and the tons of emails that needed to be answered I figured I had to do something. My only real resolution this year was to just get more organized. I used to be very organized. But Phoenix arrived and things changed! So here is a schedule I just came up with. I tried to stick to pretty much what we already do with a few tweakings. I've also never been a morning person and now even more then ever I hate to wake up. If Phoenix has a good night and sleeps until 8:30, I sleep until 8:30 (like this morning) but then I kick myself all day because I can never seem to catch back up. Just like with the schedule thing every night I say to Shawn "I have to start getting up at 6" and what do you know? That night was a baaaad night. So along with a new schedule for Fin (one of his many many many nicknames by the way) Mommy is going to start waking up at 6 AM! Wish us luck!!

6:00 A.M. Good Morning Mommy!!!

7/7:30 A.M. Good Morning Phoenix!!

7:30/8 A.M.-Breakfast (Nurse) for Phoenix

8:15 A.M.-Dress Phoenix

8:30 A.M. Breakfast (Oatmeal & Fruit)

8:45 A.M. Playtime!

9:30 A.M. Nurse

9:45/10 A.M. Nap time

11/11:30 A.M. Wake up!

11:30 A.M. Nurse

12 P.M. Playtime!

1:30 P.M. Nurse

2/2:30 P.M. Nap time

3:30/4 P.M. Wake up!

4 P.M. Nurse or Bottle

4:15 P.M. Playtime

6 P.M. Dinner (Oatmeal & Veggie)

6:30 P.M. Catnap

7:00 P.M. Wind down/Bath

7:45 P.M. Nurse & Bottle

8:15 P.M. Wind down for bed

9:30 P.M. Bedtime

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