Thursday, January 29, 2009

Coming out of my shell

So Phoenix and I had our first Meet Up from We met two very nice moms and their babies at Barnes and Noble. It was just an introductory meeting to make sure that I wasn't some crazy middle aged man trolling for moms on the internet...obviously I'm not so I get my acceptance today for the full calendar. They must be pretty popular playgroups because just about all of them in February (in our age group) are full and we had to be wait listed :-(
But hopefully some will open up soon. I also signed up for two other groups but until I attend one event I don't get the full calendar and it seems like the next few outing may be for older babies and kids. But nonetheless/nevertheless we had fun and it wasn't as nerve racking as I thought it would be. I never used to be so socially challenged but something happened and now I get all freaked out. I kept telling Shawn last night that I wasn't going and he made me go. He said if I didn't go then I need to find another place to live because he didn't want to live with a hermit crab anymore...KIDDING he did NOT say that...See bad joke...I told you I was socially challenged!

Ah!! My baby will be six months old on Sunday WAAAAAAA where did the time go :-(

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