Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Social interaction

Today brought more snow to our part of the world. I was actually pretty excited to see it. I really, really hate snow. I lived in Virginia Beach/Norfolk area until I was 17 and although it snowed, it hardly ever stuck around and melted like 2 hours after it would fall. But when we moved here to Maryland the first winter we lived here there was huge snowstorms like everyday. I remember one of the first ones my Dad told me that we needed to be prepared to be stuck in the house for a few days. I was pissed! What do you mean we have to stay in the house? Plus it was right after Christmas and I had all these gift cards I wanted to use but I had a Honda Civic at the time and he wouldn't let me drive to the mall. I think ever since then I've just had a love hate relationship with wintry weather.....

But for some reason today it was so pretty just to watch it. I took one picture and then work started calling, so I think it may snow again tomorrow so I'll take more pictures.

Today I decided to join meetup.com. It's a website for people to meet other's interested in the same things and hang out and stuff. I looked for a few mom groups and I found some. I haven't really had any close friends since I left Virginia and I have this huge part of me that would like some friends. Sometime I talk a big game about not wanting friends. But honestly I think it's because I'm hurt. Every friend I have had has burned me in some way or other in the past. It sucks and because of that I just keep to myself, but it gets lonely. I love my husband don't get me wrong, but sometimes you need a girlfriend to hang out with. So I joined meetup.com to join some playgroups. I'm not going to have super high expectations even if it's just for social interaction for Phoenix then that will be good enough! Don't want him to be a recluse like his mom!!!

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