Wednesday, February 4, 2009


My poor little baby has the flu :-( we went to a Superbowl part on Sunday and somehow I think he caught a bug there. Monday he was very whiny and clingy and trying to eat every hour. I first wrote it off to being a growth spurt or teething, Tuesday the same thing but then he was falling asleep a lot. So I took his temperature at 8 P.M. and it was 101.1. I gave him some infants Tylenol to reduce the fever and checked on him through the night. At 3 A.M. he kept waking taking his paci and falling asleep for a few minutes ad waking up crying. Finally at about 4:30 I brought him in to bed with us and we all went back to sleep until 7:30. At 8 I took his temperature again and it was 103.2. So I called my mom (who I use as my personal baby guide of course! I mean hello...she raised 8 kids. She knows a thing or two) and she said to take him to the ER so we did and we were there for a few hours and after an Xray and other doctor medical things the prognoses was the flu. I feel so bad for my poor little baby, it has been nice though because all he wants to do is snuggle on me which I love. I picked up some Pedialyte on the way home and some infant Motrin and it seems to be doing the trick because now he is on the floor playing with his get well balloon from his YaYa.

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