Monday, February 16, 2009

Little Update

Gosh! I feel like I haven't posted in ages. Surprisingly I haven't had much to blog about. I had a topic I thought of today and now it's escaping me. So we'll just do a quick update for now...

So we have the dog, that we have now named Charlotte instead of Kaiser. Shawn says to me a few nights ago that she looks like a Charlotte so now she's Charlotte. I know it's awful we've been calling this poor dog Kaiser for almost a week and now we've branded her someone else. Ya know we did the same thing with Phoenix. At like 6 months we had his name and was already to go. He was going to be Phoenix Alexander Scott then 2 weeks after he was born we decided to change it to Phoenix Alexander Troy. Poor kid!

Phoenix had his 6 month check up Friday and the doctor referred us to a GI specialist. Phoenix has always had trouble gaining weight and ever since we've been counting every single little ounce he gains as major victory. Prior to him getting sick he was up to almost 14 pounds! Then he got sick and at his doctor's visit he weighed in at 12.14 and 26 inches long. Because of this she decided to hold off on his shots until he gets back to a little over 13. She always wanted him to see a GI specialist to rule out anything. In my heart (and the doctor echoed me, which made me relieved) I don't feel anything is wrong with him. I believe it's simple his genetics. But it can still be scary and make you worry. I nurse him still just about every two hours and we do solid food's 3 times a day, and we do 16 ounces of formula in the evening. He get's everything besides steak! And you should see this kid he moves and scoots everywhere! All the calories he takes in gets burned up because he's so active. He also is on target for all of his developmental milestones. He's active and alert which he has been literally since minute 1! They put him on my chest and opened his wide and looked around and has never shut them! It will be good though to get everything checked out.

Phoenix started cutting a tooth this week. And so far the teething phase hasn't been that bad. Sunday he was fussier then usual but we'll survive!

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