Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Devil Rash

Last weekend and this week has brought us the diaper rash from hell! It came raring it's ugly head, yellow teeth, and eyes like fire on Sunday morning, (ironic huh?) when Phoenix was staying the weekend with his Yaya and Papouli. My mom called and I could hear him screaming his poor little head off. At church he seemed to be fine, just like he wanted his Mommy. Sunday night I stopped by my parents and he was very clingy, but a few potato pieces cured that right away! But then yesterday (good Grandparents. He gets to stay for 2 whole days! Yay sleep! Yay finally putting away laundry!) my brother Troy calls (aka Uncle Pimp (lol)) and says I need to get right over. When I get there he gives me the greatest biggest kisses. He's literally holding my head and kissing me all over my face! I LOOOOVED it.

We eventually come home and I let him air his little bottom out and of course he does poop (which looked just like baby peas) but luckily it was while he was laying down on the towel. But I feel so bad for him because his butt is so red and raw and even bleeding. :-( My poor love monkey!

This morning he's in better moods. He even crawled up to the 2nd step today!

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