Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Paranoia strikes again

As most of you know actress Natasha Richardson died from a brain injury. Yesterday or today (not sure which, the days kind of blend together now) I was watching the Today Show and there were a lot of reports about Natasha Richardson being fine after the accident and the doctor they interviewed was explaining how a brain injury was like being punched in the arm. Right away there may not be a visible sign but within a few hours there would be. Well I put it out of my mind and didn't think anymore of it until about an hour ago. After reading she had died I was explaining to Shawn about what the doctor was saying and then it hit me! Oh no Phoenix fell down on his head at least 5 times today. That's the catch-22 with all these new baby developments. It's very exciting watching him be able to explore and move about on his own. But of course you have to keep an eagle eye out for him. Every 2 minutes he's jetting for the steps or the coffee table. He also has this crazy fascination with the electrical sockets. Pulling himself up on the dishwasher, the couch, the laundry basket. You get the picture. I know, I know you are probably wondering why I don't just baby proof? Well without going into all the details we got a great deal on a great house and like the spontaneous lovers of change (although we didn't vote for Obama) people we are we decided to jump on it. So we're moving in a week and it doesn't make sense to go around and baby proof everything only to have to remove all the gates and such in a few days. So instead I just decide to spend me day chasing after him and screaming "Ah! No Phoenix! Mommy said no!"

So anyway I'm in the middle of telling Shawn about brain injuries when it occurs to me that Phoenix is now falling down all the time. So of course being the crazy paranoid mommy I am (have I ever told you the albino story or brain leakage story?) I start to get freaked out and asking Shawn if Phoenix could have an undiagnosed brain injury. Of course being the husband he is he starts to calm my irrational fears with a science experiment. He takes out an egg and a paper towel and drops them both on my semi clean (house cleaner comes tomorrow. yay) counters. He explains that babies skulls are more flexible then adults and when they hit a hard surface it's a little more flexible then a rigid adult skull. That helps a little, but I still can't help but wonder if in the new house I should pad all the floors with that stuff they have at like mall play areas or better yet just get him a helmet. But a cool one with like cool rocker punk stickers.

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