Saturday, March 14, 2009

Poop patrol

How much poop is to much poop? That's been my Mommy question of the week. As you know Phoenix has had trouble gaining as much weight as the doctors want him to. We've started him on Prevacid and that has cut down on his spitting up which he was doing after every meal (minus breast milk meals). But this week I've been kind of mentally tracking his poops and just about every other diaper is a poopy diaper! What goes in must come out right? So if he's having all these poops does that mean he's not holding in what he should? And how about the fact that it is the smelliest poops ever! When he was strictly breast feed his poop had a really nice smell to it! Seriously, Shawn and I both loved it! But now...OH BOY! It should be illegal!

His follow up with his pedi is on April 1st (April fools day so I hope the receptionist didn't set up a bogus prank appointment) so I'm going to check with her then and see if he's pooping way to much. many times did I say POOP in this post? Being a mommy is pure glam!!!!!!

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