Saturday, March 14, 2009


Poor little Phoenix woke up this morning like he was a causality on The Bad Girls Club.
This morning at about 6:30 AM Charlotte starts barking like a maniac and I just roll over and ignore her. Then Phoenix starts wailing and luckily Shawn gets up to check on him. He never comes back in tells me what's up but it was pretty rough and gross morning with the dog and when he does come back he says "Phoenix scratched his eye". Groggily I kiss the little Finster and we cuddle for a few more hours. It wasn't until after my mom called and woke me up that I realized the extent of his eye "scratching" it was more like someone whacked him in his eye!

Shawn was just saying the night before that he was a baby Godzilla. Hence his new nickname Finzilla. He just goes around and terrorizes things. Now that he can pull himself up on everything he pulls himself up to the TV and just bangs on it. He crawls around growling and screeching at his toy monkey's. He is truly the definition of a boy. I can't wait to see him walking with his long curly hair in his punk rocker baby tee's! He's going to be scrumptious! Oh and did I mention he has two little teeth now? Another weapon to attack me with! And he's also being saying Dada for the last week so he crawls around all day saying "Dada, Dada, Dada! " And when I say crawls. I mean full crawls. Not those little things scootching across the floor. But up on all 4 move arms and legs crawling EVERYWHERE!

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