Thursday, March 5, 2009

Welcome Back

I know I've been completely MIA lately. Phoenix has been literally allllllll over the place! Crawling, pulling himself, up, squealing, teething, laughing! Every time I think I have a few free minutes to blog I look down and there he is pulling Charlotte's ear or trying to go up the stairs!

We had our GI appointment this week and it didn't bring us any closer to a theory on why he's small. All the nurse practitioner did was give us a prescription for Prevacid. And told us to start doing 5 scoops of formula and 8 oz of water. Well thanks Nurse Practitioner Lindsay because all that has done is made him throw up. She also suggested we feed him more often. To which I replied "If I feed him anymore, I would never get to pee" I still feed this little kid as often as he wants, which is pretty much all the time! We left feeling really annoyed. They want us to come back in a month for blood work, but honestly I don't want to. It's called MommyTution. And I don't feel there is anything wrong with my baby. Shawn and I laid hands on him last night and we are going to leave it in God's hand. He's happy, thriving, mobile. He's fine!!!!

Well I think I'm coming down with something. My whole body aches, my throat is scratchy and I'm so tired I don't even want to stay up and watch my shows (which is HUGE for me!) So until next time. I'll get around to posting some new pictures of Phoenix soon.

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