Wednesday, April 1, 2009

8 months old today!

Today was my little baby cakes, my little monkey bear, my Finster man's 8 month old birthday...tear :-( Gosh I swear this time flies by so fast. One moment I'm cleaning gently around his umbilical cord the next I'm telling him no after he pulls at Charlotte's fur.

At 8 months old Phoenix has a plethora of tricks that he can do
  • He can wave
  • He can say Dada (and the other day I swear he said "Hey Ma!" after his Baby show went off)
  • He can crawl. I'm talking full on crawl. Not army crawling or scooting backwards. Full on moving legs and arms. He's been doing this for about a month and a half now
  • Pull himself up and pivoting to another piece of furniture.
  • Turn the pages in a board book
  • He has two of his bottom teeth
  • He can crawl up a step
  • He can throw a fit. If you don't give him what he wants pronto he does this little screech and tightens his arms and bring them in close to his body
  • And he gives the best kisses ever!
  • Give commands
  • He can grab your face and turn it towards him
  • He plays well by himself
  • Call us into the room if we're not in there with him
  • Use a big boy bathtub
  • Pull himself up in the car seat
Basically in a nutshell he is growing up. He's mobile, loud, screechy, talkative and growing up way to fast!

Today Daddy surprised him with a cupcake. So we decided to let him practice for his big birthday cake in a few months (which will be a huge monkey with a guitar done by Charm City Cakes)...Here's what happens....

Success huh?

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