Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Recipe Rave!

I have to rave on last nights dinner. It was delicious!

It was a mock risotto and parmesan crusted tilapia. Usually I do tilapia with potatoes and just lightly season the fish with s & p and lemon juice and a little red pepper flake. But this is certainly going to be my new go to recipe for tilapia. I really wanted to look for some new side dishes. If it was up to my husband we would rotate between stuffing and mashed pototes every night

Mock Risotto

The changes I made: I added mushrooms, because I had left overs from Monday night, and I did not add peas. Before I met Shawn he didn't eat any vegetables, I've since gotten him to eat a few and only if I beg. But peas (and bananas) are something I can not even attempt to get him to eat. But he will eat snap and snow peas....weird. Oh and I also had to use purple onion, because I sent Shawn to the store for white onion...and that's what he came home with.

Parmesan-Crusted Tilapia

Changes: I added a few shakes of crushed red pepper and when it was done I just squeezed the lemon over top of it.

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