Friday, April 24, 2009

Video's for your viewing pleasure

I've been trying to upload cell phone video's to my blog for a looooong time, but every time I did it made the weirdest noises. For my push present (yes I asked for one) I got a new Gateway laptop. So it was only 8 months old, but last week it broke, it was a mess! So I got a new HP one that I LOVE but that was a hassle because the Gateway was a 32 bit and the HP was a 64 bit (whatever that means) so none of my work programs worked so I had to buy new ones, long story short the 64 bit is supposed to be better and I decided to see if video's would work now and guess what? They do!

Here are FOUR video's from this week. Sorry they are grainy. It's from my cell phone and you have to tilt your head to the left to see the other two. I'm not a cinematographer, but I'm tryin'. Now that I know this works I'm going to pull out my RCA Small Wonder will work.

Enjoy my screechy baby!

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