Monday, April 6, 2009

Baby food time is ovah!

This past weekend brought us closer to the day that little Phoenix puts on his little book bag, waves and hops on the school bus. We started Phoenix on baby food at 4 months. We could instantly tell food was a pure hit for him. Nothing satisfied him and everything tasted good. At about 6 months we bumped the solid intake up to 3 meals a day and went to stage two baby food. Still after a whole jar of food and a nice serving of baby oatmeal he still didn't seem satisfied. Over the weekend we had Jason Upton come through our church (he was great. awesome. such a blessing) Shawn and I volunteered with the meetings because it was almost 600 people. So we get there 2 hours early and are kind of just hanging out. We had food for the band and after they were done there were leftover. Of course my husband and my pregnant sister and a few other make a bee-line for the food. I knew that the moment Phoenix saw anyone put anything near their lips he would flip so I decided to nurse. We sit down, have a nice little nursing session. Do you think this kid is full? Please! Not in the least. He sits up and starts reaching for his Dad, who always passes him treats. Then for his Aunt Abby who starts to feed him green beans and stuff. We eventually had to make him a plate because he kept going after every one's food. One lady even says to me "Wow, does he ever get full?" and I was like 'Nope! He doesn't!" He was making me look like I never fed him! So after an almost adult size plate I finally put my foot down and tell him that meal time was done and over. So we move on we go out and enjoy the worship service. Then his Papouli aka my Dad comes back and starts trying to feed him Fritos! I'm screaming "No!!!!!!" And again this is after a recent nursing session. So I go make him a bowl of oatmeal and fruit, feed him that. He starts flipping out when its over and so not to disrupt the people trying to enter in I give him ANOTHER jar of squash. When that's over he is STILL screaming! So to this my mom says "Al, I think he's done with this baby food" Later that evening we went out to dinner and order him chicken tenders, which he eats, along with Shawn's mashed potatoes. And starts screaming because we tell him it's time to go!

We went Sunday to Buy Buy Baby which I am soooo in love with. I mean seriously! Babies R Us has nothing on BBB. We bought him a new highchair and this great Skip Hop playmat. We are turning our new dining room into his playroom. Our new kitchen is HUGE. Big enough for my office, eat in kitchen and an island with bar stools so we really didn't need a formal dining room. We also are in the process of re-doing his nursery too. It's going to be really cute! Fun, Fun Fun!

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