Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Blog to read

It's 12:42 AM on Wednesday, I'm sitting down in my husband's studio waiting for my turn to come up again to records some stuff, and I remembered that awhile ago I stumbled upon another blog out here in the blogsphere and they had some really funny links to some other blogs, that you must check out.

*Disclaimer: Not completely baby/mommy related, and may contain several dirty words so if reading dirty words makes you feel all squirmy inside, I suggest you not click. But for the rest of you heathens enjoy....**

STFU, Parents

This is by far the funniest of the three! I have to say I am guilty of just a few of these, but it's kind of liking watching The Soup. You don't realize the stupid stuff that is said and done on TV until someone else points it out. That's what STFU is. You are thinking everyone on your FB really cares to know your baby just pooped on your arm, or said his first words, or kicked you etc. It's exciting to some I'm sure but STFU points out that some people might not care.

Texts From Last Nights

Not Always Right/Funny Stupid

Enjoy.....Now I'm done and very sleepy.

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