Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy Mothers Day Love Phoenix

On Monday I told Phoenix all I wanted for Mother's Day was for him to say Momma. For weeks now all I hear all day is "Da", "Dada" and most recently "Da-Deeeee" No Momma :-(
But as soon as I told him Monday night he started bouncing up and down in Shawn's arms and jumped for me and goes 'Ma!' and now every day since he gets closer and closer! Yay!

Again sorry for the grainy cell phone video. I have a RCA Small Wonders video camera that we got when we switched TV and Internet providers, but the vid's are in AVI form and I can't view them on my computer, but can view them on Blogger. Weird. And so because of this glitch I get annoyed by it and don't use it....PLUS I loaned it to my sister yesterday when they went to get their ultrasound done and it's a GIRL! Yay!!

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