Friday, May 15, 2009

Daddy's Boy

I am afraid my little baby doesn't like me much anymore. Phoenix is becoming a Daddy's Boy completely. Shawn wakes up earlier then I do so when Phoenix wakes, Shawn is usually the one to get him. It used to be when Shawn brought him into me he would literally jump out of Shawn's arms to get to me, now he comes and gets all shy and smiley around me but all while holding onto Shawn. It makes me sad. When Shawn comes upstairs from his studio, Phoenix tries to jump out of my arms for him. And if I try to go take him from Shawn he turns away from me or starts pushing me away...Let's also not forget that Phoenix hits me, and only me. And although he does say Mama occasionally Dada gets the most play here in the Finzilla residence. He's always loved his Daddy and has always been very happy to see his Daddy, but since I stopped nursing it's increased. Shawn says not to worry it's only a phase, and I'm sure it is but it makes me sad...

Like just now Daddy just came up for a visit and what does Phoenix do? Make a beeline for him and start pulling himself up by holding onto Shawn's pants and now he's saying "Dada, yeah, Dada, yeah, Dada"

What about "Yeah Mama" I mean I was the one who was in labor for 21 hours without any medication, I was the one who had that had PUPPS so bad at the end I often wanted to take a knife to my skin and just cut it off, but do I get any love? Noooooooooooooo
WAAAAAAAAAA My baby has left me!

and P.s. just in case you are wondering, no my PUPPS did not look as bad as that lady in the picture.

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