Friday, May 15, 2009


Redirection, redirection, redirection. That is the key thing here these days. Always redirecting him away from the TV. That's his new trick. Pulling himself up on the TV, banging on the screen and turning it off. And don't call CPS on me or anything. It's not able to fall on him because it's a big floor one. I think it's time to trade up from mountable flat screen. Redirection, redirection, redirection. Redirecting him away from the lamps he likes to pull off the table. Redirection, redirection, redirection. Redirecting him from pulling the vases down on him. Redirection, redirection, redirection. Redirecting his attention when all of his fish and sweet potatoes are gone. It's the constant little dance him and I do all day long. I don't want to put him or the entire house under complete lock and key. I want him to be able to learn what his boundaries are. Therefore we redirect, redirect, redirect.

I also forgot to mention last week we finally got his test results back from the GI and it turns out the little bug is a bit anemic. I'm so happy to finally have confirmation that there is nothing wrong with him at all. And he is growing like a weed! He is getting so big I can hardly believe me eyes. He's still not rolly polly obese baby, but you can certainly see him thickening up. This, makes me happy :-)

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