Monday, May 18, 2009

Frazzled Mom

Yesterday I was Frazzled Mom in the Safeway. Shawn offered to keep him while I did the weekly shopping, but I actually enjoy taking him. Makes me feel all mom and wifey and grown up. When I was like 14 I used to be so scared I wouldn't know how to grocery shop or PUSH a cart because I was so short I couldn't see over it. I still am short and barely see over it, but I push the cart with confidence now. Anyway, I like taking him and Shawn had work to do. When we get there it started off pretty well him growling at me, me growling back like normal. Then he decides he wants my pen. I say no he doesn't cry he screeches! Then the rest of the trip he's screeching, throwing the paci, turning around in the seat! It was a mess! I finally take him out, throw him on my hip and then I have to load stuff onto the grocery belt thing and he's still screeching pulling things off the belt. Safeway workers are helping me get groceries out of the cart. He's dropping my credit cards. It was an utter mess. I don't want to become that mom who can't grocery shop with her kids or get anything done. Or the mom that is stressed 24/7. Basically I don't to be Kate Gosselin. I think where I messed up today was he hadn't had a nap all day so that's why he was so cranky. So mental note to self. 'Always make sure Phoenix is well rested before venturing out shopping'

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  1. i have been there before, it is so not fun. If he keeps doing this as he gets older you can go to the store not to shop but just to train him. Before you go in explain to him about obeying and tell him we will leave if he yells or we will go to the car and get disciplined if he doesnt stop. than go in and shop, if he starts to act up than warn him and if he doesnt stop than walk out. sometimes they will calm down after just being in their carseat for a few mins and they will be able to go back in. Also having a fun toy in the diaper bag that is just for the store is helpful also.
    just a few tips that might help but hopefully it was his nap and he will be a joy from now on.


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