Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Monkey in the city

Has it really been 2 weeks since my last update? Gosh I am seriously slacking here!
I'm actually sitting in a hotel in upstate New York. Shawn had business here and Phoenix and I tagged along for the all expense paid trip. Sweeet. I was hoping to get to the pool and to the park or some historical site, but alas none of that happened! Tuesday I headed to the mall to just "browse" and was there for 5 hours! Husband wasn't too mad. I've realized it helps to toss in a few purchases for him too to make the receipts seem better. Then today I was hoping to hit the pool or do something other than shopping. I took Phoenix to a children's museum in the area that was way less then stellar. It was hot as hell in there and everything was kind of raggedy. Phoenix crawled around banging puzzles and trying to play with the big kids. And because it was raining pool and leisurely walks were out of the question. So we headed back to the mall to exchange some shoes and ended up staying another 4 hours! So of course I had to pick up the husband a few more items.....But hey he was up here working so it'll even out right?

This was our first out of town with Phoenix so our car was packed to the ceiling with just about everything he could possibly need! He just started cutting his third tooth and with that comes coughing, diaper rash, runny nose, and crankiness with the Finster man. Nap and bed time also presented a challenge being away. Now we are able to just place him in his crib, close the door and boy is out within 3-5 minutes, but with being in one room that has made it very difficult. I had to go back to swaddling him to get him to go to sleep. Tonight it took 2 hours of starting and stopping! He's so heavy and wiggly it makes it difficult! I'm thinking our next trip away we need to get adjoining rooms or a big ole sweet with a living room or something.

Tomorrow we are headed into the big city, Shawn has some meetings but after I'm hoping to do some real New York sight seeing which neither Shawn or I have ever done. The crazy thing is every single time we come to NY the weather is shitty and tomorrow the forecast calls for rain!


Still no digital camera, you would think with all the money I spent these two days I would have gotten a camera. So it's back to the olden days with the throw away cameras. Hopefully I can get some cute shots of Phoenix in the city and scan them to post.

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