Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Update: STFU Blog

Last night I posted the STFU blog link and I was trying to find my favorite post but couldn't well I found it just now...*Warning. Not Safe For Work!*


Was that the craziest thing you have ever seen? Like did she not realize? When I saw this I could not stop laughing, but then I wonder if someone else posted it for her not realizing. I had an embarrassing moment like this after I had Phoenix. My Dad was at the hospital in the waiting room and after Phoenix made is grand entrance the camera was given to my Dad and he was on "alerting the family" duty....well....I found out later from my UNCLES no less that my Dad had actually sent out one of the pictures where you can see my OB stitching me up! It wasn't a full on picture, but it was a shot of me and Phoenix but had a little edge of my leg still in the stirrups and all of my OB's accouterments to do her sewing. I was mortified! But luckily it wasn't on Facebook.

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