Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Been gone to long

Gosh it seriously has been forever since I've updated this thing huh? Part of the reason is I like to keep things entertaining for the few readers I have :-P. I don't just want to give weekly updates of "Oh Phoenix weighs this much! (By the way he weighs 19 1/4 pounds and is 28 inches long!)" and "Oh he now eats, this, that, and this" I want to keep people interested and laughing. So for the last 2 weeks or so things have been kind of slow around. Just regular every day normal. And the 2nd reason is for the last 2 weeks I have been feeling so blah lately. Not really wanting to do anything but lounge around and blogging has not been number one on my list of things to do.

So I'll pop in and say hi for a few and will make this post a total attention whore (AW) post about all the awesome cute things my baby can do.

So like I mentioned above we went to the doctor on Friday and it was the first time our pedi had seen him since he went to the GI. When she walked in she was so excited to see how big he had gotten and how much he looked like a little toddler! So he's 19 pounds and 1/4 ounces and is 28 inches long! No wonder his little feet hit the back of the seat in his carseat! We still have him in his infant carrier. I was holding off on getting him a big boy seat because I have a tiny Scion TC which is NOT ideal for having a baby, so I was hoping we could make it until August when I'm getting a new car to buy him a bigger seat, but I just checked the measurements on his seat and it only goes up to 22 pounds and TWENTY inches! GREAT! So for the time being I think I am going to get the Maxi-Cosi Priori for now because it seems (seems being the operative word) small enough for me and then when I get my bigger car we are going to get the Britax Boulevard Click and Safe.

Phoenix has two new tricks now. At my parents house they have a bunch of ceiling fans and he LOVES them and every time he's over there someone says "Phoenix where's Mr. Fan?" and he sticks his little arm up in the air! Even if I say it at home he sticks is arm in the air. It's sooooo cute. His other new trick started after his nap last week. He woke up and just started shaking his head. I would try and get him to do it on cue and he wouldn't. But yesterday I started saying to him "Phoenix shake your head" and he shakes his head and starts giggling all over the place. Super, super cute! There's a video below. And please ignore all of the paper on the floor. He was helping me open mail. Wait. Never mind don't ignore it. I'm a mom who works from home and who has a 10 month old (OMG!) who likes to destroy my house. This is the norm. In fact a few weeks ago we had Guardian Security over to install a security system and when the guy came in there was all kinds of stuff strewn (is that the right spelling of that word?) all across the living room. The guy was like "Oh did you just move in?" "Nope" I laughed "I have a 10 month old who prefers to play with diapers (clean), wipes, clothes, pillows, and papers then the entire playroom he has"
So yeah ignore the papers....

He has 4 teeth now! I never thought I could actually love someones teeth, but boy do I love his little teeth. They are sooooo cute! Teething is kind of hellish for him and us. He cuts two at a time and he always gets a runny nose, cough and AWFUL diaper rash during the teething process. He's not really cranky or whiny which is a surprise, but the stuffy/runny nose keeps him up and he's coughing. My heart just aches for him :-(

Wow for someone who didn't think she had much to say I sure did make a long post...enjoy the video.

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