Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Biting toes? (UPDATED 6/25)


Why does my baby seem fascinated with biting my big toe? Isn't that like the weirdest thing ever? I sit on the sofa with my feet sometimes kicked out on the chaise part, or tucked under me and he'll come up and start biting them and giggling like crazy! Tonight he was doing it and when I pulled my foot away and started moving faster to get to it! He's a really cute odd little Monkey.

I forgot to add to my update post last week that he's started sharing his food with us :-) And at his doctors appointment his pediatrician was so excited when she started putting his progress in her charts. She was like "You have to see this! Come here!" So we scurried over to her little mini laptop and he had shot so far up on the percentile chart! I had never been so proud in my life!

This week has been one of those weeks. The days have seemed to be over much quicker then I would like because I still have mounds of work to do and Aunt Flo came and visited this week and my head has been POUNDING. It doesn't help that I spend over 8 hours a day staring at a computer screen, telephone screen and TV screen (I need background while I work) simultaneously. This week should have been great because school is out and my little sisters have been over every day and it's been great having them here because they help me with Monkey so I can get work done, but it's just been a draining week! So today I closed shop early and decided to go to the park. This helped a lot! The fresh air, sunshine and slight breeze was a great pick me up. Plus my sisters and I plotted on how we could "borrow" some of the neighbors pool passes. It's such an odd thing. We have a community pool a few blocks away but we can't use it because there are two different communities in the same area and we are in the other. It's weird because it's only separated by like a street! So I'm rather pissed we can't use it. But luckily there is supposed to be a really nice one a short drive away I am hoping to get to Saturday.

Anyway here are the pictures from today's park outing....

The Littlest Aunt Juli

Park trip with Daddy Tuesday after Tacos

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