Thursday, June 25, 2009

Free Paint

While watching Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion Part 2 (really good) a commercial fro Glidden paint came on. They are giving away free paint on their website. I have a spare bedroom to paint so I just picked "Watermelon Smoothie"

And of course, I can't post today without mentioning the passing of a great American icon...Michael Jackson. Me? I was born in '87 so I wasn't one of biggest fans or anything, but I am certainly familiar with just about all of his songs. So many of the people I grew up listening to and like now have been influenced by him and his music. It's such a strange thing, like Michael Jackson...dead....But my heart just goes out to his family and his kids. And I really hope that he knew he was getting ready to go and made some peace with God.
Let's blare his greatest hits 24/7 for the next week :-(

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