Thursday, June 18, 2009

More tricks

Yaya aka My mom sent me a text message late last night because I forgot to add some of Phoenix's other tricks to his roster. So here goes...

1. He can say Yaya (or a close variation)

2. He can say "Uh oh" He started saying it last week with my mom. We missed it :-( but yesterday he was saying it for Shawn, when Shawn came down to show me he stopped :-( but this morning he was throwing around my calculator and some of his puzzle pieces and saying "Uh Oh". And right now he's in his playroom and he's doing it again!

3. He's standing on his own for longer periods. A few weeks ago when I would try and make him stand he would giggle his little head off and start to chew on his arm (??? weird) and fall down but this week he has started standing on his own. But as soon as you acknowledge that he's doing it he stops! I think he's going to be walking by his first birthday or very shortly after

4. He can climb out of his exersaucer. Have I mentioned that before? Not sure if that's a milestone, but it's certainly been challenging when trying to take a shower! Next time he does it I'm going to try and get it on video...But needless to say I think it's about time to retire that puppy.

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