Friday, June 5, 2009

Sour face

Got back late last night or early this morning (however you look at it). We had a really great time, it was so nice to get away and relax and shop!

My little Phoenix, although he's a boy was such a good shopper with me two days in a row! Then we went in to the city yesterday, the rain stayed away! We went walking around the park, Phoenix got his picture drawn by those park vendors. We also took him to FAO Schwartz which was more fun for us I think! We have a few cute pictures of him playing a little piano and touching the Muppet's and stuff. This was our first trip away with Phoenix and I really enjoyed myself so I'm hoping we can plan to go away again somewhere soon. Shawn has some meetings in Atlanta coming up so we will probably tag along for that....But we would be flying so I'm wondering how difficult flying with all the baby paraphenlia will be, so we'll see.

Shawn also dragged us around NYC looking for '"the best French sandwich shop". I was a little annoyed because I was tired and I could feel rain drops and I was really worried it would start pouring and we'd be stuck running and I'm not that great on my feet. But Shawn promised it was worth it, we finally found it and it ended up being a $52 check worth of PB&J! Seriously! I ordered like a shrimp tartlet that I was able to gobble up in like one bite! Then Shawn orders a basket of bread and spread...and needless to say it was Praline spread (fancy way to say PEANUT BUTTER) and some Rasberry and Orange Jelly! Then we got the check! $46 plus tip! I was sooo annoyed, but considering I did some real nice damage to the Bank of America account at the mall I had to give him a little pass.

Here's a video from another restaurant (Max...DELISH!). Sorry for the pour quality and the fact you have to tilt your head to see it. I'm not much of a videographer.

But Phoenix is eating a lemon in the video and he is sooooo cute! After we shot the video everytime he would eat or drink something he would make this face.

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